College Work – Distance Learning.

So for college i need to do a small unit, where i have to do distance learning, in which i have to fill a blog with work and do a few professional practices based around health and saftey and legal restraints that artist, designers and crafters have to do.

So lets begin!

First off i will go throug the restrictions and legal requierments that people hve to use. I shall write it all in summery as it will be long paragraphs otherwise.

Employers and embloyees must be working in a safe and work friendly enviroment, where Health and Saftey rules apply and are inforced, They must be regurally assesed and formatted to employees needs at that time. Also Employers must be subjagated to enforce the rights of there employees. The rights legistration must be followed, for example… The Employee must, no matter the hours have at least paymennt relating to the minimum wage set by the goverment of that area, if there is a minumum wage in that area. A contract must be made between the employer and the employee, be it a verbal or written agreement. In this agreement the employer must tell the employee how they work around the workplace, in a simmilar way the employee must add any changes the employer can do, such as a disablility need etc.

The employeer must follow the liability act, which basically says that the employer must make sure the workplace is a safe enviroment, or as safe as it can be, However if an employee is hurt, the employer must continue to pay over a set amount over the injury period. Plus compensation if requiered. When the employee is filming or doing activities outside the employee must have liability insurance, to cover the cost and the money for both the employer and the employee when injured outside the workplace.

The employer and the employee must respect the copyright and trademark law, where they cannot use other peoples work, unless stated they can, or it is able to be used under creative commons. This can also be extended too works that copy the base work bu only change a few things, but there is a lot more lieway there.

source what i used to cover this:

So thats that part covered, now to expalin what this could mean when in relation to art and design. Basically as said before, the employer, in which could be your boss, or your yourself, will have to ake sure the place you are working in is safe enough for you to work without harming yourself, as well as the work place is accessable to you in everyway possible and on the offchance you get hurt, you have the right insurance to cover all the costs to make sure you do not cause problem.




First Blog Post, New Sketch Book.

So this is the blog part of my webiste, ill be putting updates and other things on here, so enjoy…

So i recently got a new sketchbook, which i have been saving for the right time, and what better time to start a new sketchbook then when i start my portfolio blog. The sketch book is really nice, it is lined which is a disadvantage and an advantage together because i can write notes and easily space stuff, but it can get annoying while doodling. I got it from an art museum i went to, its Van Goughs Stary night, which is my favorite of his paintings.

I hope to fill this sketchbook over the summer, hopefully. I want to keep this sketchbook quite simple and keep it towards one goal, to increase my skill in sketching with pen and doing observational drawings – I love drawing landscapes and stuff around me, so i want to have my own spin on things.

The first page – By Mother

I hope to keep this blog updated with my sketchbook doodles and other things, keep an eye on the tags for updates and stuff

— Jordan