So this page is everything you need to know about the creator of this wordpress webiste, well, everything that i care to share. Enjoy!


tumblr_or3dsnP1oy1w35j0no3_540So my name is Jordan Davey, i am 18 years old and i am from the United Kingdom. I am a disabled Art and Tech hobbiest with a lust for knowlage. I love to draw, code and to create, anything that seems cool and interesting to me, i will instantly want to learn. I have had many hobbies, to which i hope to pursue a career out of some of them.

<– A picture of me, if you cared.


My hobbies are vast and plentiful and i shall show them through my blog and other media outlets, but in summery…

i love to draw, i have done it since i was very young. I mostly have focused on cartoonish, non-real and sometimes dip into anime looking art styles, i also quite enjoy minamilistic looking projects as it looks really neat!
I LOVE to doodle, i have many small and large sketchbooks dotted around my house, to which i have to order and number properly – while also working on filling them. Most of the time i am doodling for my redbubble shop, but if im on adventures, where i am not driving i will sketch in my smaller book as i go. I sometimes sit and doodle what is around me when i go out, youll sometimes see me in the centre of where i live sketching the area around me. Most of the time these sketches stay in my book but sometimes i like to use Photoshop and Illistrator to edit these drawings.

I also have a big facination with photography, whenever im out and im either not exploring, drawing or doing whatever else, ill be taking photos of my adventures and possibly trying to make really sceanic photos. Most of these photos are on my instagram, tumblr or on this blog here. As i do with many of my Artworks i like to digitally edit things, i will do the same with my photos, making them into illistrations or make them into cool aestetic things.

Im also a giant tech nerd, i love to mess and play with technology. I have many gaming consoles as well as a gaming pc rig (I will probably post about my gaming adventures on the blog)
Aside from personal love of tech, i love to code and program things, im forever staying up late coding small projects and experimenting with different coding languages. I have a big fondess for the Arduino and Rasberry pi when im coding and programming more physical and real life projects. They are cheap and easy to use, and really fun to wire up.

I also do sport, supprisingly!

Other small questions – a FAQ?

So ill just post a few questions that your all probaby all thinking by now, maybe. I get these questions a lot and i didnt really think i can find a way of talking about all these in any other way, so here:

You said you were disabled, what is your disability?

So i have┬áCaudal regression syndrome or commanly known as sacral agenesis, which is a defect in the lower part of my spine, which has effected my legs to be curled up, into a yoga pose, which is the simplist way to explain it. – My friends tend to describe it as a pretzel doing yoga, which is probably the most accurate.



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